Getting the content right!

Did you know that your customers find your brand more thru the content that you publish on different channels than thru the ads that you run? It’s not surprising though! There is no denial to the fact that push strategies do work for short term objectives but for a long term & a more engaging conversation with customers or prospects, brands have to invest in sustained content marketing efforts. Some of the well-known publisher’s quote, basis few survey results, that a lot of B2B brands (including some of the big ones) are not very comfortable in building and nurturing their content marketing strategies.

The formula to consider this as an important mix in the overall digital marketing is fairly simple – Anything that’s intangible (services) or has a longer sales cycle – needs a good and sustainable content marketing plan in place. This has many benefits such as setting the context, building credibility, garnering participations, building a possible network reach and more. Though a subtle form of brand building yet it plays an important role in in establishing consideration or making informed decisions apart from also building brands searchability over the internet.  Its surprisingly that inspite of these benefits brands shy away from investing in good content marketing strategy. The reasons could be many – lack or availability of in-house talent or dependability on subject matter experts or management buy –in etc.

Since its benefits are immense it’s important for brands to use it sensibly. Some of the important aspects to consider whilst building a content plan are:

  1. Structure of message
  2. Purpose or the objective of the content
  3. Tone of its presentation
  4. Length of the content or time that it would require reading
  5. Language in relation to the target audience or the context

The entire focus of business has shifted towards the consumer (what’s their problem, what they want, how they feel, whom they interact with, what’s their influence score etc.) With internet, this aspect of consumer centricity has grown multifold. Gone are the days when brands used to use platforms for one way announcements (one way communication).

Your customers are looking for you anyways. Don’t lose them out to your competitors. Build a robust content marketing strategy to get them hooked.



The other day my daughter was insistent that we play pretend & play. I didn’t know about the concept till the time I checked with my wife who is also an educational consultant herself. She explained to me that the kids are given some situations or games that they imagine as reality and live it. Like my daughter was telling me that papa we are at Goa lets go to Anjuna beach… here let us bring some coconut water…and she runs to one corner of the room moves her hands as if she just transacted with the imaginary coconut seller…comes to back to me and tells me to sit up (she has already imagined that I am lying down on the sack) and hands over the coconut water to me and immediately exclaims isn’t it sweet papa…

She makes it look like so real and fun.  I was amazed with this concept and it struck me immediately that why aren’t such things taught to adults. Isn’t it amazing that you can role play actually anything that you want to? I am aware that some business schools do teach simulations which is another form of pretend & play yet all stops there.

I feel this is a lot deeper concept that just being a game. We all are aware of the power of imagination & the feat one can achieve if done soulfully. Suppose if you are a SEO executive in a company and you start pretending that you head the function then everything just amplifies – your attitude, your efforts, just everything and eventually you become one. And why only SEO…you can be a consultant, sportsperson, media professional anyone – all you need to do is to pretend that you are already someone whom you aspire to be and start living those moments now. This kind of behaviour would bring in a transformation in you as a person and aligns your “immense” potential to reality. Wonderful concept, isn’t it?!?

I am definitely using this powerful tactic. Hope you would too.

Thanks Pihu (my sweetest little daughter)